The Minneapolis City Council has approved the City’s vision, mission and values as part of the Strategic and Racial Equity Action planning process – a framework that seeks to ensure the implementation of racial equity goals.

The Strategic and Racial Equity Action Plan is a four-year plan that framers say will embed racial equity principles into all aspects of the city’s work, aligning work from city leadership to departments and defining goals at all planning levels. The Council is expected to vote on a final version of the plan in June.

The vision adopted by the council reads, “Minneapolis is an intentionally compassionate city where each of us can reach our full potential while caring for one another, eliminating racial disparities, improving our environment and promoting social well-being. We lead in innovative and creative ways, focused not only on our present needs, but also the success of future generations.”

The adoption of the vision, mission and values follows the approval of eight goals earlier this year. These goals were developed during sessions last year stewarded by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Council President Lisa Bender and Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins with city leaders and the Racial Equity Community Advisory Committee. The goals were also informed by community engagement from the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Minneapolis 2040’s first goal is to eliminate disparities and a targeted number of policy areas from the plan have been identified as policy priorities for the Strategic and Racial Equity Action Plan.

Frey and the city council have also directed staff to focus on strategies in 2019 for three top priorities – reduce evictions among communities of color, increase the number of businesses owned by people of color and eliminate the disproportionate impact of violence in communities of color, immigrant and indigenous communities.

Additionally, the Council adopted City enterprise goals in December 2018 that call for increasing the retention of racially and ethnically diverse employees, diversifying the City’s vendor base, improving the use of racially-disaggregated data in policymaking and improving the capacity of the City’s boards and commissions to advance racial equity work.

Responding to the urgent need to prioritize and address historic racial disparities in Minneapolis, this is the first time the City has merged its strategic planning with a racial equity framework. To learn more about the plan, visit the plan’s website, or contact

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