Celebrating Black elected officials

The 2018 midterms were of the most historic election cycle of our lifetimes.

In Minnesota it was a record-breaking year of Black candidates as more than a dozen won their elections. To commemorate the victories Wintana Melekin is hosting a celebration this Monday (Nov. 26) from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Goldroom Restaurant & Lounge, 528 Hennepin Ave, downtown Minneapolis.

The event, Celebrating Black Elected Officials, will feature several confirmed guests including recently elected officials Rep. Elect Ilhan Omar, Hennepin County Commissioner Elect Angela Conley, State Rep. Elect Hodan Hassan, State Rep. Elect Ruth Richardson, State Rep. Elect Mohammed Noor, Minneapolis School Board Member Elect Kimberly Caprini and Crystal City Councilmember Elect Brendan Banks. In addition, Minnesota Sen. Jeff Hayden, Minnesota Rep. Rena Moran, Brooklyn Park City Councilmember April Graves, Minneapolis Park Board Commissioners AK Hassan

and LaTrisha Vetaw and Minneapolis School Board Members Kim Ellison, Kerry Jo Felder and Siad Ali will attend.

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