For Todd and Anna Williams fitness is a family affair


“My wife Anna was part of the second Insight2Health Challenge. Her great results and progress inspired me to join too. We felt that participating together as a family would help us hold each other accountable and we would see better results,” said Todd Williams, a senior group manager for Target Corporation.

Great results have been a consistent product of the Insight2Health Challenge, held at The F.I.T. Lab, 1565 Como Ave., Ste. 102, St. Paul.

“Those who stick with the program see the best results,” said Tyrone Minor, F.I.T. Lab owner and I2H Challenge conductor.

The program is designed to transform participant’s lifestyles within a 10 week challenge, though many, such as Anna and Todd Williams, have continued on to take subsequent challenges to capitalize on their success. “By the end of my initial Insight challenge, I felt great and had already committed to the new challenge, and had plans for workouts in between,” said Todd Williams.

The I2H Challenge is designed to establish impact in a measurable and attainable package, to assist individuals of all fitness levels, but especially those looking to transform the patterns of an unhealthy lifestyle.

“Having never been part of a program like this I didn’t know initially if I could do it. However by week three, I noticed improved fitness, flexibility, and signs of weight loss,” confessed Todd Williams. Overall he was in fair fitness condition prior to the challenge and has shed 20 pounds through his two successive efforts, and continues to lose inches in his body measurements.

The culture of motivation and support within the program has been heavily lauded, and is palpable.

“The people were the best part of the challenge. The amount of motivation and support that I received from the other Insight challengers was head and shoulders above anything else. The trainers were knowledgeable and took time and energy to ensure that the workout was challenging,” said Todd Williams.

The care provided in this holistic fitness program aims to go a step beyond its competitors, as professionals walk closely alongside participants, to create a team culture. Todd Williams, presented with the opportunity to take advantage of the Nicollet Mall Farmers Market (just outside Target Corporate Headquarters), was particularly appreciative of the professional dietician’s identification with his lifestyle, saying, “The nutritionist’s recommendations and tours to the farmers market and grocery store reinforced that how you eat was just as important as the workouts.”

With the holidays upon us, conversations about food and fitness abound. The example set forth by the Williams family of supporting and inspiring our loved ones towards improved health is a recipe for many healthy and thankful holidays to come.

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