President Biden visited the crypts

President Biden visited the crypts of Dr. Martin and Mrs. Coretta Scott King this past Tuesday

Biden Approval rating down to low 30's

I've always found it interesting that approval ratings for presidents generally hinge upon good or bad news at home (economy) or abroad (wars or rumor of wars)? My interest has always led to the conclusion that presidents often get the credit when things are going well—even if it's not their doing, and get the blame when things are not going well—even if it's not their doing. 

As President Biden prepares to mark the end of his first year in office next week, he now finds his approval ratings hovering in the low 30's due to: 1. Perception that he can't get his "Build Back Better" plan passed; 2. Perception that he can't get one of two voting rights bills passed; 3. Perception that he cant get the Coronavirus under control; 4.  Rising inflation at home.

Nevermind that on the last two, the Coronavirus and inflation, that had Donald Trump won a second term, the pandemic still would have been deadly and spreading like wildfire and, that inflation would have risen under his watch, too; such is the nature of a natural pandemic on the one hand, and its subsequent effects on an economy due to rising prices of goods and services, on the other.

But Trump did not win, thus, the figurative Sword of Damocles that hangs over the heads of each and every Oval Office occupant is prepared two swoop down and figuratively decapitate the Biden presidency if he, through his Democratic colleagues in Congress, can't deliver on improving an economy strained by the Pandemic.

To his credit, it surely is not for lack of trying in that President Biden gave a powerful speech on voting rights this past Tuesday at Morehouse College, while yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) outlined his plan to see election reform, voting rights, and economic relief passed sooner rather than later.

Nevertheless, until such movement is made (and voters are able to see tangible results in lower prices on goods and services), Biden and Democrats across the country will have a tough row to hoe come November's mid-term elections. 

Congressional Reform

While Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo) has drawn the ire of Ol' Hobbs numerous times over the past few years due to his almost comical brand of ultra conservatism that is really a form of neo-nationalism at best—and dangerous jingoism at worst—to use the well worn cliche, "even a broken clock is right twice per day,"I find myself in agreement with Hawley on his proposed legislation that would ban congressional lawmakers and their spouses from maintaining stock holdings or making new transactions while in office. 

Hawley's bill, the "Banning Insider Trading in Congress Act,” is similar to the "Ban Congressional Stock Trading Act" proposed this week by Georgia Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff. The fact that polar opposite senators could rise to the same legislative conclusion goes to show that this problem is greater than ordinary Americans realize. Most crucially, if there are ways to limit the impact of corporate influencers that buy members of Congress to do their bidding, then maybe we can begin to see the same show some backbone and independent good judgment in creating laws for their fellow Americans?

Rep. Matt Gaetz under FBI scrutiny

Speaking of bought and sold Congress members on the stroll, earlier this week, a former girlfriend of U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fl), was called before the Federal Grand jury that is considering sex crimes allegedly committed by the mercurial Florida congressman.

Among the charges Gaetz is facing are sexual trafficking of a minor in contravention of the Mann Act, the law that proscribes transporting prostitutes across state lines. Gaetz is also facing possible obstruction of justice charges; all told, if indicted and convicted, Gaetz could find himself behind bars for a decade or more. 

While Gaetz has denied wrongdoing, he has not helped himself in the least by blasting the investigation and painting himself as a victim of a witch hunt. Still, remembering how nasty Gaetz has been to so many of his political opponents through the years, it is nothing short of amazing to watch him stew in the very "puritanical values" cauldron that he has stirred through the years. 

Stay tuned!

Delta Sigma Theta celebrates 109 Years of Service

I am pleased to wish my mother, Dr. Vivian Hobbs, my Aunt Lenora Hobbs Cambridge, Sister/Cousin Andrea Cambridge Rasul, and their Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Sisters across the globe a Happy Founders Day!

Momma Hobbs, Auntie Lenora, and Cousin Dre’ at the repast for my late Uncle Ronald Hobbs circa 2019

Nota Bene: Delta Sigma Theta was founded on the campus of Howard University on January 13, 1913, when 22 collegiate women created an organization that would focus upon social activism and public service for those in need—while upholding the motto: "Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom."

I have far too many friends and Hobbservation Point supporters who wear the Delta symbol to list by name, but do know that I wish a Happy Founders Day to all of you!

Ida B. Wells Barbie

Kudos to Mattel Toys on its latest commemorative Barbie doll, this one honoring the great Ida B. Wells, the legendary late 19th and early 20th Century journalist and anti-lynching crusader!

In its press release, the company said: "Barbie is proud to honor the incredible Ida B. Wells as the newest role model in our Inspiring Women series, dedicated to spotlighting heroes who paved the way for generations of girls to dream big and make a difference. When kids learn about heroes like Ida B. Wells, they don’t just imagine a better future – they know they have the power to make it come true."


Thank you and please subscribe to the Hobbservation Point—have a great Thursday!

Chuck Hobbs is a freelance journalist who won the 2010 Florida Bar Media Award and has been twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary.

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