Disgrace to the flag

President Donald Trump has brought disgrace to the flag, says commentator Douglas Ewart. 

President Donald Trump needs a swift kick out of office along with his supporting cast – vice president and the others.

Rep. Al Green (D) of Texas is one of the few in Congress who is honest and has deep integrity. Trump is totally vulgar, an incessant liar, insensitive, insincere, a tyrant, insecure, unstable, incompetent and dangerous. 

Trump is a person who is always angry, usually spews negative rhetoric, never smiles or laughs, and always sounds distant and unempathetic, no matter how tragic the situation. Something is radically wrong with that state of being from my comprehension of what constitutes a balanced human being.

It is unfathomable that his administration did not realize they had to do air drops to bring supplies to the people of Puerto Rico since there are not enough truck drivers to deliver supplies, and most of the roads are impassible. A few days ago, one of Trump's representatives spoke of air drops as though it was some type of revelation. It was/is the only practical way to get supplies to the destitute population of Puerto Rico with some immediacy.

Trump also speaks about bombing North Korea like it is a ball game. After all the wars that were initiated based on wiping out communist, fascist, totalitarian governments, terrorist, socialist and more, which have cost millions of lives, untold resources and monumental destruction. This and other administrations don't seem to get it. War has not solved any issues possibly with the exception of World War II, which came about as a result of lots of blunders, selfishness, imperialism, expansionism, greed, racism, deification of so-called royalty and so on. After World War II we were not supposed to have any more wars, well we have no such reality. There is a slogan that is bandied about quite often – "Never again." However, it is just empty rhetoric and as a result, I have come to say never again until the next time.

When there is war, seldom if ever there is a winner. War changes people to the worst and lowest human common denominators. People become mentally deranged, pillaging, destroying; raping and killing become the norm and people lose their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical centers and equilibrium. And soldiers of war many times bring those illnesses back to their respective countries and homes to roost and thrive in everyday life. More murders, more serial killers, mass shootings, as the entire culture is contaminated and becomes callous and immune to human suffering and tragedies.

We cannot afford to continue the military madness, as we are experiencing greater and more frequent natural and man-made titanic disasters. The resources that are wasted on military arsenals throughout the world needs to be used to prevent/avert these disasters and rebuild devastated areas.

By the way, the kind of democracy (so-called democracy) we have been seeing and experiencing is comprised of lying, deceiving, stealing and enslaving. The Electoral College, which is the nullifying of one person one vote, gerrymandering, preventing people from voting using unbelievable and savage methods, buying votes, institutional and individual racism are all at play in our so-called democracy.

People with resources go to rehab or therapy and poor people go to prison for the same or lesser infractions. It’s profits before people, corporations before the people. People that came from other shores are telling people that largely built America that they should go back to where they came from. First nation peoples (the Native-American) are being treated in the most inhumane ways to this day. The list goes on.

And we have people telling us about how great and wonderful Washington and Jefferson were. They were two monumental slavers and advocates for slavery. Point of information; there were many of their contemporaries that opposed and fought Washington and Jefferson on the grounds that they were hypocrites, liars, inhumane and unchristian. I mention this fact, as some people, especially so-called historians and their biographers, try to minimize and justify their reprehensible, savage and backward conducts and talk about how brilliant they were. Well, I fail to see their brilliance or for that matter care about it. There are plenty of brilliant, evil, merciless and cruel geniuses. The one major blunder that Jefferson made that worked in our favor is, “All men are created equal," as he/they did not really mean all humans but just meant white people.

My commitment and patriotism are global in perspective. Everywhere and anywhere I go, I treat people with deep regard and respect, and I do my best to be with and learn from/about others. We must come to understand that the planet is one small place in the universe and my concerns are about planet Earth and all its inhabitants, humans and otherwise.

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