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Black 2 the Future

Vol. 2

By Mizz Mercedez

Lately, there has been a lot of publicity about the upcoming movie Wakanda Forever; our community certainly has been due for a superhero like Black Panther, who was brought to the screen in the previous movie. At the same time, we already have such heroes in our community, past and present. They are the entrepreneurs, the inventors, the creators who took a thought/idea and manifested it into reality. It is in this continuing spirit that I bring to you Mizz Mercedez’s second volume of her comic book series Black 2 the Future.

I loved comic books when I was growing up, and Mercedez’s books bring both the story and the history of the inventors in the eye-catching format of comics. The inventors and trailblazers in this volume stem from our rich history such as Garrett Morgan, John Burr, George “Crum” Speck, Robert Flemming, and Matthew Cherry. Contemporaries such as Mark Dean and James West add to the mix.

I like the fact that Mercedez intentionally includes local legends and innovators in her comics such as Prince, Freddie Bell, William “Bakeshow” Baker, Jovonta Patton, Brandy Moore, Janae Castle, Georgia Fort, Aramondo Davison, Mychal Felix, Jazz Hampton, and Andre Creighton. With the inclusion of games and puzzles, Black 2 the Future provides a medium of stories, biographies, puzzles, and games that is interactive and informative as well as entertaining.

With so much doom-and-gloom and Debbie Downer news happening these days, Mercedez provides hope and encouragement, especially to our young people. We are never too young or too old to follow our dreams. As African Americans, we have never been merely consumers. We have been, are, and continue to be creative thinkers.

Black 2 the Future is available through her website

Once again, here’s a hat tip to you, Mizz Mercedez, for being a positive, creative force in our community. We will stay tuned for more of your work.

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