When talking about elections, I always say it’s a marathon not a sprint.

But with less than two weeks until the Nov. 6, Election Day, our candidates, volunteers and staff are definitely sprinting toward the finish line. In the five days before Election Day, you could say we’ll be driving toward the finish line. The 2018 Minnesota DFL Get out the Vote (GOTV) Bus Tour will hold more than 30 events from Nov. 1 – Nov. 5 in communities across the state.

Over the past year, DFL candidates have made the case to voters about why they are the leaders who will move Minnesota forward. We’ve seen a strong contrast between DFLers and Republicans on the issues that impact families’ everyday lives, namely health care and education. There is also a stark contrast between leaders who want all voices to be heard and the divisive politics of fear.

DFL candidates want more people to have healthcare coverage and healthy communities. Minnesotans have come forward to share their stories of family members who have died because they could not afford their prescription drugs. Minnesotans who live with disabilities are on waiting lists to receive services that will help them lead more independent lives. And the opioid crisis threatens not just our families’ security, but our communities’ as well. These issues must be addressed for people, not put on the backburner for insurance and pharmaceutical companies’ profits.

Minnesotans can be proud of the work Gov. Mark Dayton has done for children during his time in office. He kept his promise to help learners, families and educators by expanding quality, pre-K education; providing free all-day, every-day kindergarten; and investing in K-12 education. Creating winners and losers in education based on where a child lives won’t provide the workers Minnesota’s thriving economy demands. We need leaders who will continue this commitment to developing our future workforce. DFLers are focused on providing a world-class education for all children.

This year, DFL candidates have crisscrossed Minnesota to have conversations with people about the future of the state. In true Minnesota tradition, people want a state where all voice are heard, and all people are valued. They want leaders who will bring people together and celebrate our successes. Republicans have worked to divide our communities and instill fear in the future. Minnesotans deserve better.

Up until the polls close on Election Day, DFLers will sprint to the finish line. We’ll reach out to people who don’t vote in every election and let them know what’s at stake this election. We’ll continue to talk about early voting options, which allow people to vote in person or by mail before Election Day. As we take the DFL GOTV Bus Tour, we’ll give hope to people by reminding them their vote is their voice and no matter what anyone says, they have a say in Minnesota’s future. Only when all voices are heard can we truly move forward, together.

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