I attended the Hennepin County Candidate Forum at the New Creation Church hosted by Isaiah & Faith in Minnesota this past Saturday. At one time I didn't think our vote was important, until Trump became President. His divisive & hateful rhetoric towards the immigrants, Muslims & others made me realize that I must raise my voice. Especially my young daughter telling me that we should leave the country because he hates Muslims, really put sadness in my heart. I realized this was the perfect opportunity to raise my voice for voiceless and put my heart into action. I joined Faith in Minnesota and became a Senate and later a State Delegate. This past weekend I was so happy to be with people of all walks of life and different faiths to listen to this important forum. There were many powerful testimonials regarding different issues letting us know that we need to fix our current criminal justice system because it isn't fair to all people and it isn't working. Mass incarceration and racial disparities is on the rise. Obviously, this hurts all the communities and neighborhoods. We must elect people into office that will reverse it, and discontinue this trend. We should choose Restorative/Redemptive Justice over Punitive. Welcome thy neighbor is something as a person of faith I believe in. We should be welcoming to all people. I urge all to vote so we can have One United Minnesota where there is justice and freedom for all!

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Hello Maria. I am interested in volunteering and doing anything that I can to fix our criminal justice system. I believe in the things that you spoke of. Please contact me at rochelle4119@gmail.com

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