Ellison family

A family dedicated to service, (front to back, left to right) Rep. Keith

Ellison, Minneapolis City Council Member Jeremiah Ellison, Minneapolis

School Board Member Kim Ellison, Army reservist, Elijah Ellison, recent

Carleton College grad, Amirah Ellison and attorney, Isaiah Ellison.

Keith Ellison’s plan to become Minnesota’s next Attorney General has emerged as a lightning rod attracting venomous vitriol in a toxic and dangerous political environment.

Witness attempts to present Ellison as the spoiler for the Tim Walz gubernatorial campaign, for the Dean Phillips congressional contest, and it seems, for all things DFL.

But the painful and malicious disinformation campaign being hurled against not only Keith Ellison, but also his family, a campaign intended to dismiss a history of service and advocacy, in fact, offers lessons of hope and validation of who we are and what we need.

The strength of Black people and Black families goes unheralded, undervalued, and often maligned.

The cauldron of spirit searing invective stoked by fear mongering right wing nationalists, and all too often abetted by our avowed liberal and progressive friends, will not succeed in diminishing our dignity or vanquishing our victories. For there is something in the nature of family that transcends the artificial and the temporal. It is the spirit memory infused into our DNA, the quest for self-realization that existed at the inception, and that is reborn in each generation as the work and product of family.

The lesson. Though divorced, Keith Ellison and Kim Ellison together by their words and their protests refute the allegations Republicans use as their lead card in efforts to block Keith Ellison’s election to the Attorney General post.

Despite discomforts of marriage break-up, the Ellisons are revealing the fundamental insolubility of the work of family, in both parenting and serving community and society. It is more than amazing that for the Ellisons, public service is the family calling with Kim Ellison elected to Minneapolis Board of Education and son Jeremiah Ellison elected to Minneapolis City Council.

The hope is that our community’s embrace of redemptive grace, continues to fortify Keith Ellison’s irrepressible drive to lead by serving.

The assassination of Black leaders, both literally and figuratively is not new in our nation or in our state. Denigration, defamation and deceit are stalwart tools of oppression and vote suppression.

The Ellison family, by standing against acrimony and by remaining steadfast in its focus on the well-being of our community and all Minnesotans … by focusing on the issues such as affordable housing, healthcare for all, fair wages and business and economic development, environmental sustainability, gender and race equality and rights…is showing us who we are and what we need to do.

We whole-heartedly support Keith Ellison to be this states next Attorney General’s office.

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