Larry McKenzie

Larry McKenzie

Not sure where to start so I guess I’ll start by saying thank you to Mr. Al McFarlane for the opportunity and challenge to share my personal perspective through print media. 

I’m always telling my kids to get outside of their comfort zones and sometimes you gotta practice what you preach. So I’m excited to share with you on a regular basis my thoughts through Insight News; and no it’s not a sport column.

My intention is to use this platform to discuss sports and real issues affecting our community from a different lense. My goal is to provide you with information, inspiration, motivation and education.

As I’m writing, I am reflecting on a childhood experience of being introduced to journalism through the brother of high school teammate by the name of Michael Miller; one of those great talents from Miami who you never heard about and left us much too soon.  It was his brother, Spooky Miller, a legendary sports writer for the Miami Times – a Black owned newspaper – and sports broadcaster for WEDR radio that first introduced me the media. And who would have thought year’s later that I would find myself doing radio and now writing a column.

Father Day will have passed by the time this is printed, but I think that’s a great place to start. I want to say thank you to those who often go unrecognized for being in their kid’s lives. Most of us know you can’t listen to everything you hear or even believe everything that is written about the absent of Black fathers. 

To those of you that have yet made a decision to be involved or those who have a desire, but access is denied, I want to encourage you to find a way to let go of differences and acknowledge your mistakes and then find a way to resolve and remove the barriers that are keeping you from being that person that your sons and daughters need

Our households, schools and communities are being challenged and are at risk because we don’t have all hands on deck. Take a good look in the mirror and chances are, you will see a reflection of what your child will become. Apple seeds produce apples, orange seeds produce oranges; so let’s change the path of our young one’s by being real models instead of role models. Our children and community need you more than you can imagine.

“Black fatherhood is an incomparable gift to Black men that truly comprehend what it means to be called dad, daddy, father, or pops. What a privilege it is to raise a child with patience, understanding, communication, support, encouragement, friendship, guidance, and unconditional love. It is an absolute honor.” 

― Stephanie Lahart

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