Kamala Harris

Sen. Kamala Harris 

I was in the middle of writing another commentary – one on the need to retrain police on how to deal with calls on those suffering from mental breaks – but I had to stop in the middle to type this instead.

The need is too urgent. Dear so-called “woke” Black people: Sen. Kamala Harris is not the enemy. Please do not continue to question her commitment to the causes that Black Americans hold so dear. Do not hold her to an unattainable standard and most importantly, do not question her Blackness.

I don’t even know how this backlash (Blacklash) got rolling so quickly, but my only thought is – and I say it with sincerity – there is some Russian bot-farm ramping up Black opposition to Harris, as she would make for a formidable opponent against Vladimir Putin’s chosen puppet, President Donald Trump (known in criminal court documents as “Individual 1,” unindicted co-conspirator) if she were to emerge as the Democratic nominee in 2020.

My social media platforms, Facebook in particular, which has been proven to be prime hunting ground for Russian trolls, are inundated with post after post from a myriad of outlets questioning Harris’ “Blackness.” And by questioning her Blackness I’m talking about in every way. One was even saying she’s less Black and more Indian (her mother is from India and her father is Jamaican). Others, the ones most “woke” tend to share, have to do with her record as a prosecutor in San Francisco and later as the attorney general of California; as if somehow that’s a disqualifier. Come on, really?

One commentary that’s getting way too much traction, cites Harris’ call for parents to take more active roles in children’s lives in efforts to reduce truancy as “evidence” that Harris is somehow not down. In that very commentary it attributes this shocking quote to Harris, “If you’re chronically truant from elementary school, you are four times more likely to drop out and become a perpetrator or a victim of crime. That’s why we’re taking on the truancy crisis in the California Department of Justice.”

Well if that doesn’t show she’s not down for Black people, I don’t know what does. Again, really?

The commentary even ends with (I am not making this up) “From Russia With Love.” Hiding in plain sight is the motive behind the attack on Harris, yet many Black people … the so-called woke … will ignore that part and click the share button and pile on in the vitriol. Sadly, I don’t think most are reading beyond the headlines. They see “Harris, prosecutes Black mothers” and that’s enough for them to write her off.

Amazingly, when you scroll through their posts, there’s not a negative word uttered about any of the white Democrats who have either announced or been speculated to run for president in 2020. As the now-popular saying goes, which is satire for it ain’t gonna happen; “I’ll wait.”

Now, back to Harris’ Blackness. Let’s examine this for a second. She’s a graduate of Howard University, one of the nation’s oldest and most revered historically Black institutions of higher learning. She’s a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the nation’s first Black Greek-letter sorority. Recently, at an event in Washington, D.C., she was happily greeted to skee-wees from her fellow sorors – a greeting that one uninformed white reporter for the Washington Post called “screeching.” Tell me that ain’t Black. For goodness sake, she announced her intentions to run for president on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. How much “Blacker” do you have to be?

As I mentioned at the beginning, I stopped writing one commentary because of the urgency of this matter. We cannot let the highly viable candidacy of Harris to be hijacked by trolls of the so-called #DemExit “movement.” Movement is in quotes because, again, I sincerely believe this is a false flag operation coordinated by those seeking to weaken Harris, weaken the Democratic party and by proxy, weaken America.

Some of y’all woke people need to wake up from your wokeness. Seriously.

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