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President Donald Trump took to Twitter to congratulate the state of Kansas following the team from Missouri winning the Super Bowl. 

There’s a lot to cover here, so please allow me to conflate a few things.

OK, so I haven’t watched the NFL for three seasons now, but I don’t live under a rock either. Apparently, our president does. So too do his cult-like followers, it seems.

I have refused to watch the NFL ever since Colin Kaepernick was blackballed (that word has so much meaning in this context) for his silent protest of the killings by police of Black men (see Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, John Crawford III, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, et al)  women (see Sandra Bland, Atatiana Jefferson, Rekia Boyd) and children ( see Mike Brown … see 12-year-old Tamir Rice). As long as “Kap” isn’t playing, I’m not watching. And yes, I’ve seen plays here and there … but I haven’t engaged. I can’t tell you much about today’s players, team rankings or anything of substance.

This past Sunday I honestly forgot it was “Super Bowl Sunday.” No, really. I was reminded about the Big Game when I went to Facebook and my feed was flooded with posts, not about the game, but the halftime show. Seems I missed out.

After the game my phone began blowing up with text messages from a chain group I’m in and I assumed it was about the outcome. Well, in part it was.

The initial text was a screen capture of the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, tweeting his congratulations to the state of … wait for it … Kansas for its team’s win.

Huh? Kansas?

While there is a Kansas City, Kan., almost anyone with a pulse can tell you the team with the outdated, insulting and culturally insensitive mascot is located firmly within the state of Missouri. Now why does this matter?

While the Trump apologists are lining up to say who cares and get over it, it’s an easy and honest mistake, I say almost certainly it was an honest mistake for him, but it shouldn’t have been an easy one. It absolutely shouldn’t have been made by the president of the United States. It’s third grade geography we’re talking here. While others laugh, I cringe. This is downright scary.

“Well, not everyone is into sports,” the apologists are saying.

Trump is.

Remember, we’re talking about a man who owns golf courses around the world and as of this past November according to the Huffington Post has cost the American taxpayers $115 million on golf outings (mostly to his courses). He was tweeting about watching the Super Bowl from Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla. So, there’s that. Who can forget about his foray into professional wrestling with buddy Vince McMahon?

Trump owned a professional football team.

To say Trump doesn’t know sports is disingenuous at best. It’s a farce.  

What makes this latest gaffe so scary is it continues the legacy of “Trumpisms” such as saying a hurricane was headed towards Alabama when it wasn’t (see Sharpiegate), saying Puerto Ricans were “taking from the USA,” thus suggesting he doesn’t know (or care) that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens; and of course don’t forget about the “border” wall going up in … wait for it … Colorado.

Just two days before Trump’s latest geographically-challenged tweet, conservative George Conway (who is married to Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway) posted a lengthy list of Trump’s geopolitical missteps. This is one of my favorites. “Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at highest level. Germany is a total mess-big crime. GET SMART!”

Get smart indeed.

Seriously, we can’t lose focus on the fact that we have either a woefully uneducated man or worse – one who is mentally incapable – serving as president of the United States and commander-in-chief. This is not funny. This is scary. And additionally as scary is there seems to be no one capable of correcting him beforehand. Sure, Trump edited the tweet after being rightfully mocked by millions, but who is there to tell him he can’t just throw tweets out there like an agitated 13-year-old? And for heaven’s sake, has the man disabled spellcheck? For that matter, is it on any device in the administration? Time and again official White House communications go out to the world with misspellings. Yes, errors happen, which is why there are editors and editors to edit the editors. I know I’ve made a few errors (and I cringe at each one), but again, we’re talking about the White House here. We’re talking about the president of the United States. You know, leader of the free world and all. This cannot be our new normal. Mediocracy is one thing, but we’re bordering in total ineptitude.

To quote a popular car insurance commercial, “That’s not how it works; that’s not how any of this works.”

But I’ll get off my soapbox for now. Congratulations Kansas. Dorothy, Toto and the Tin Man must be jumping for joy.

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