Women Unite

In the words of When Destiny Calls author Sharon Botts Garth, “When you change the narrative, you change the perception.” Such is the focus and celebration of the Women United to Win luncheon, for which she will be a guest speaker on June 5.

               The celebration is part of the Minnesota Steppers All-Star Bash weekend, hosted by National Empowerment Groups, Inc. Founder J. MOST was inspired to start the organization 13 years ago because of his attachment to his grandmother. NEG was then established as instructional programs, programs with a cause. After learning about Women’s History Month through his daughter, the luncheon is normally held in March. MOST’s vision is to bring women together and give them the opportunity to be recognized and fellowship in sisterhood. Honorees are selected by the community for their contributions, be it in the fields of nonprofit, for-profit, community work, etc. This is the first year WUTW is honoring both women and girls.

               One of the goals is a program for getting high school girls and women with the needed knowledge and tools to become homeowners, to become self-contained and self-sustaining.

               Garth, one of the first award recipients for her work in housing and homeownership, believes in the importance of letting people know who is doing things in the community to impact it in a positive way, that there is hope and to keep it alive. She notes the relevancy of WUTW to her book, citing how her grandfather, the late Rev. Henry Botts, Sr. of Zion Baptist Church, worked his way up, and how he dealt with the ongoing challenges of inequality and disparities the community faces. “Love, respect, and appreciation is something we all want,” she states. She stresses the importance of setting the environment for what we want the community to be in terms of accountability, values, and sharing, of which sharing these stories is key. In helping young people find a better way, we must, in her words, “be intentional and hands-on in our sharing.”

               The luncheon will begin at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, June 5 at

Hilton Hotel, Mpls./St. Paul Airport

3800 American Boulevard East

Bloomington, Minnesota 55425

               Seating is limited, but virtual attendance is available for the event. Please contact J. MOST at (612) 237-5118 regarding reservations and any questions and/or visit NEG’s website at nationalempowermentgroupsinc.org

               Let’s support the women and girls in our community who are being honored for making a positive difference. If we don’t share our stories, who will?

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