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I’m Back!!!  And super excited to be rejoining my Insight News family as Sports Editor. It's been about 20 years since I last appeared here and had the honor and opportunity to share my thoughts about local and national sporting news with all of you. In those 20 years… oh my… In addition to a slight name change, so much has happened since then! My perspective as a sports professional has grown exponentially and is much more multi-dimensional. I look forward to sharing those experiences, as well as interviews with newsworthy celebrities, sports figures, and cultural icons in the coming weeks. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from CoachLeahTM and Insight News – Sports.

What is Insight News – Sports?

Everything locally and nationally that can be imagined (or even reimagined) as important to you will be covered – from grassroots youth athletics and activities to professional leagues and sports organizations.

Why Insight News – Sports now?

Why not now? Insight News, historically and presently, is the home for urban news and information that matters to us – the consumer of relevant lifestyle products, goods, and services. Timing is everything – and there’s no better time than the present to reintroduce athletics and active lifestyle information and offerings to the avid Insight News reader and subscriber.

Will the Insight News – Sports cover local sports from a local viewpoint?

Absolutely! Although technology has “changed the game,” literally and figuratively, allowing for information and activities to be covered from farther distances and faster than ever, there’s no substitute for multigenerational relationships and home-grown experiences that create the interesting and unique stories that our Insight News - Sports will tell each week. Being born and raised in Minnesota matters!

How will Insight News – Sports be different this time around and from other sports columns?

Although Insight News is the largest minority owned and distributed print publication in Minnesota, nationally it is a highly respected publication for quality journalism and has evolved over the years to effectively utilize social media, multimedia live, and streaming platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the ever popular, www.insightnews.comwhere you will also find the eEdition.

Utilizing the multimedia platforms, Insight News – Sports will be home base for CoachLeah’s After the Whistle – the Vodcast sports column that will present timely video, audio, and print formatted interviews. After the Whistle covers everything outside of sports, off the field, and off the court, of your favorite athletes’ interesting lives.

So, I'm ready and excited to take this new journey with you. Insight News – Sports, will present a fresh approach to sports reporting. Be sure to tune in to all the Insight News’ live streaming platforms - LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube live for Conversations with Al McFarlane. Stay tuned for CoachLeah’s After the Whistle – The Vodcast. In the meantime, be sure to enjoy Insight News-Sports “reimagined” each week. 20 years have flown by… but I am grateful for a soft place to land … back at home with Insight News.

I'd love to hear from you. What type of sporting news would you like to see here on a weekly basis at Insight News – Sports? What type of athletics and organizations are you interested in knowing more about? Send us a note. We'll do our very best to make your request a reality in print at Insight News - Sports.

Sincerely Yours in Sports!


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