Jacqueline Towns (left) with her son, Minnesota Timberwolves star, Karl-Anthony Towns.

Jacqueline Towns (left) with her son, Minnesota Timberwolves star, Karl-Anthony Towns. 

Jacqueline Towns, mother of Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns’ died due to COVID-19.

It was first reported that Jacqueline Towns was suffering from the virus on March 25 and at that time she was already experiencing serious health issues due to COVID-19. Even prior to his mother contracting the disease Karl-Anthony Towns announced a $100,000 contribution to the Mayo Clinic in its efforts to combat the disease. Jacqueline Towns succumbed on April 13.

“The Timberwolves organization is incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Jacqueline Towns due to complications from COVID-19,” read a statement from the Timberwolves organization. “In the four-plus years we were fortunate to know Jackie, she became part of our family. Her passion for life and for her family was palpable. As Karl’s number one fan, Jackie provided constant and positive energy for him and was beloved by our entire organization and staff at Target Center as she supported her son and the Timberwolves. The league, teams, and players have come together in their support of Jackie and Karl and we are grateful for our NBA family. We would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and medical personnel who cared for Jackie during her illness and all of Karl’s fans who sent their support this past month. Our deepest condolences go out to Karl and his family during this difficult time.”

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz was on a media call when he learned of the passing and sent his condolences to Towns and his family.

“This virus is hitting us more and more. We’ve lost 70 mothers, fathers, grandparents and so on here in Minnesota,” said Walz. “Everybody is being touched by this.”

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