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Insight News – Sports will celebrate several Twin City Metroplex former athletes in the coming weeks as we acknowledge Twin Cities Excellence in Sports.

March is Women’s History Month and we would be remiss to not begin our listing with 10 female community icons who have moved past their Minnesota athletic participation and achievements and into fulfilling careers and commitments to “pay it forward.”

Listed In alphabetical order by their name - former sport[s] - current profession and/or local community impact:

  1. 1.       Lisa [Walton] Anderson – Track & Field – Mpls. North HS/University of MN – Enterprise Sales Support Rep. UPS [Retired]/Co-Founder of Track MN Elite/Youth & Families Determined To Succeed/Mentor            
  2. 2.       Kathie Eiland-Madison – Track & Field / Basketball – Marshall U HS/Univ. of MN - VP of Human Resources at Delta Dental of Minnesota/ Co-Founder of the Shooting Stars Basketball Clinic
  3. 3.       Crystal Flint – Basketball – U of MN – Educator and Head Coach/Founder of Triple Threat Basketball Showcase
  4. 4.       Faith Johnson Patterson – Basketball- MN North HS/Univ. of Wisconsin – Head Coach/Exact Staff Business Development Manager/Mentor
  5. 5.       Lisa Lissimore [Blue] – Basketball – St. Paul Central/U of MN /Grandview Univ. – 30+ yrs. as Associate Director of the Minnesota State High School League [Retired]/ Co-Founder of the Shooting Stars Basketball Clinic/Mentor
  6. 6.       Tisa [Thomas] Mitchell - Basketball - Mpls. North HS/Southeast Missouri State – Coach/
    Strategy and Programming Expert
  7. 7.       Tamara Moore – Basketball -  MN North HS /Univ. of Wisconsin/Miami Sol/MN Lynx - Head Men’s Basketball Coach/Owner and CEO at Hype Hoops League
  8. 8.       Lea B. [Bergin] Olsen– Basketball. – MN South HS/Mpls. Community and Tech./ U of MN  - Sportscaster/Motivational Speaker/Founder of Rethink The Win
  9. 9.       Linda Roberts – Basketball – St. Paul Central/U of MN/Minnesota Phillies – Director of Special Events/Outreach U of MN Athletics [Retired]/Co-Founder of the Shooting Stars Basketball Clinic              
  10. 10.   Ellen [Hebert] Stewart – Track &Field/Basketball – MN North HS/ Hamlin/U of MN – Former Miss Black MN/Former Educator, Former Athletic Director, and Former Principal/ Current Osseo Area Schools Director of Equity Services 

Our Twin Cities Excellence in Sports list in the coming weeks and near future will also include men and prominent professionals that may be lesser known for their athletic prowess in either high school, college, or the pros. Many, once completing their playing days, wasted no time pivoting to formidable professions.

As previously mentioned, this will be ongoing, so check back often – in print here and online at  to see if your favorite former athlete – and perhaps your current colleague, boss, or neighbor - is listed.

Be sure to tune in to all the Insight News’ live streaming platforms - LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube live for Conversations with Al McFarlane. Stay tuned for CoachLeah’s After the Whistle – The Vodcast.

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