Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr announces Raise the Barr scholarship recipients

Anthony Barr

LOS ANGELES –Three-time NFL Pro-Bowler, Minnesota Viking, Anthony Barr announced the newest single parents to receive 2018/2019 tuition scholarships from Raise the Barr.

Recipients are Jamie Schultz, mother of two, attending the University of Minnesota, Katie Her, mother of four, attending University of Northwestern, Judy Yang, mother of two attending Herzing University and A’Bryna Ware, mother of one attending the University of Minnesota.

Raise the Barr is accepting scholarship applications from single parents in Minnesota and California until Nov. 15. Raise the Barr also provides emergency grants to single parents in partnership with local charities. Applications for both opportunities are available online at

Barr, raised by a single mother, founded Raise the Barr in 2016 to help break the cycle of poverty for single parent families by providing access to post-secondary education. According to the Institute of Women’s Policy Research, 11 percent of all undergraduate students are raising children without a partner. Raise the Barr has provided 12 scholarships in excess of $48,000 in tuition and childcare support since 2016.

To support Raise the Barr and its beneficiaries, fans can pledge to donate per tackle that Barr makes this season at Raise the Barr and its partner charity, Jeremiah Program Minneapolis, are jointly holding this online campaign to raise funds to support single parent scholars and their children. 

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